Legality of pricing

Ride Along helps drivers share driving costs by connecting them with passengers traveling in the same direction.

To comply with local carpooling laws, drivers must ensure that their Ride Along contributions does not exceed their vehicle’s shareable (operating) costs, which in most cases include gas, insurance, and maintenance.

Our pricing model considers this and aims to allow drivers to ask for a fair contribution on their trip based on the distance and current gas price at the pump.

The maximum price per km To ensure fair pricing, Ride Along currently enforces a maximum fee of 15 cents per kilometer.

This maximum is based on the average cost of gas and gives drivers room to ask for a higher contribution if their vehicle has a higher MPG rating.

On most routes, the average price per km is lower than the maximum, typically between 12 to 15 cents per kilometer.

Recommended prices Our mission at Ride Along is to fill empty car seats to reduce costs and carbon emissions on each trip. This is why we provide a suggested price for each route to ensure drivers fill as many seats as possible while staying within legal prices for carpooling.

The recommended prices on each route are based on a combination of the following:

-the distance from A to B and cost of driving -the pricing data for other trips on Ride Along -the prices offered by our competition

We strongly encourage drivers to post a trip at or below the recommended price if they want to attract passengers to book. Charging too much deters passengers who will likely book with other drivers or pick a cheaper means of transportation.