In case you have passengers approved for a trip and you need to cancel, our driver cancellation policy will come into effect.

The act of canceling a trip with approved passengers or an authorized booking is a matter of significant consequence. Such cancellations can potentially leave your passengers without a ride, thereby impacting the reputation and quality of the ride along community. This is the reason behind our rigorous enforcement of policies pertaining to driver cancellations.

Key Guidelines for Driver Cancellations
We kindly request our drivers to post a trip only when they are absolutely certain of their ability to proceed. This precaution is in place to minimize the likelihood of cancellations. It’s important to note that posting trips based on speculation is not permissible on Ride Along and can lead to the potential closure of your account.

This policy pertains to the following scenarios:

When a driver cancels a trip with approved passengers (resulting in the cancellation of all passengers).
When a driver cancels a single approved booking within a trip (affecting only one passenger).
Cancellation Procedure for Drivers
Drivers have the option to cancel a trip or booking by selecting the appropriate cancel feature on our website or app.

During the cancellation process, we will request you to specify the reason for the cancellation and compose a message to communicate the cause to the affected passenger(s).

Cancellation Allowance for Drivers
You have the privilege of making one cancellation for a trip with approved passengers or an authorized booking within a span of 6 months.

Taking into account the details you provide during our cancellation process, our team will evaluate the rationale behind the cancellation and whether it falls within your permitted allowance for the 6-month period.

If you engage in another cancellation within the subsequent 6-month window following your initial cancellation, our team will conduct a reevaluation. We retain the authority to permanently suspend your account if our assessment determines that you are accountable during this timeframe.

Please be aware that we maintain the right to suspend your account at any juncture if we have reason to believe that your cancellations are leading to a detrimental experience for other members of the ride along community.