1. User Account: A personal profile created by a user to access the app and its features.
  2. Carpool: The sharing of a ride, typically by multiple people traveling in the same direction.
  3. Ride Match: The process of connecting users who have similar travel needs and schedules.
  4. Live Tracking: The real-time location tracking feature allows users to monitor the progress of their rides.
  5. Same Gender Carpooling: A feature that allows users to carpool only with individuals of the same gender.
  6. City-to-City: A feature that enables users to carpool between cities.
  7. Within City: This feature enables users to carpool within the same city.
  8. Book a Ride: The process of requesting and scheduling a ride through the app.
  9. Payment: The process of paying for a ride through the app.
  10. Privacy: The protection of user data and information as outlined in the app’s privacy policy.
  11. User Agreement: The agreement between the user and the app regarding the terms of use and the responsibilities of each party.